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 Make moving simple with these tips
from the experienced Ausline Removals team.

It’s always a good idea to make an early start with your move by cleaning out anything you will no longer need. A garage sale is a great way to get rid of unwanted items.

Many people find it useful to keep a small box handy for some of the necessities that you may not want loaded until the last minute. If you are planning on doing your own cleaning, remember to leave your vacuum cleaner and cleaning products unpacked; otherwise Ausline Removals can take care of this for you.

Defrost your freezer and empty your fridge to get it ready for moving, but don’t forget to keep coffee, tea or anything else you require on hand for moving day.

Be sure to notify the following companies of your upcoming move: telephone, gas, electricity, pay television, financial institutions, electoral office, Department of Transport (regarding driver’s licence), insurance companies etc. You may also want to enquire about schools in the area you’re moving to and arrange for mail redirection.

Below are some other helpful hints to assist you with packing and moving.

Before your removalist arrives

  • Please ensure all electrical items have been disconnected, e.g. stereo, computer, TV, fridges etc.
  • Please defrost your fridge and freezer prior to pick-up
  • If you have a water bed, please ensure you have emptied it for the removalist
  • Sheds and swing sets should be dismantled prior to pick-up. Assistance can be provided if required

Packing your cartons

  • It is preferable to use standard removalist cartons or similar
  • Pack all books, wine and heavy items in smaller boxes for easy lifting
  • Light items such as dried flowers may be placed in drawers

Fragile Items

  • Place some crushed paper or linen on the bottom of the box for padding
  • Wrap everything individually in butcher paper. Start with heavier items of crockery (e.g. plates, large bowls) on the bottom and work your way to the top with lighter items
  • Place all plates, cups, glasses, vases, ornaments etc. upright, not flat, as this is their strongest point
  • Make sure plenty of crushed paper is placed between layers of crockery and around the edges of the box
  • Linen or crushed paper should be used to top off your cartons so that the box is firm when closed. This avoids the box from being crushed when it is stacked
  • Please mark boxes ‘FRAGILE’ where applicable


  • Please ensure that all gas bottles, lawnmower tanks and containers are emptied prior to moving
  • We cannot transport any flammable substances
  • DO NOT pack any pressurized cans

Please feel free to call our office on (08) 8723 2292 if you require any assistance.

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